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Conditional Sentences: R. v. Sharma

The Supreme Court of Canada recently released its decision in R. v. Sharma, 2022 SCC 39, in which the highest court in the land has ruled that banning conditional sentences for certain offences is constitutional. This article provides a brief overview of the Supreme Court’s decision. The Offender: In 2015, a woman, with no criminal…

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Production of Third-Party Records

This article is designed to provide a brief overview of the third-party records application process that occurs in criminal proceedings, particularly those involving sexual offences. What is a Third-Party Record? A third-party record is a document, or some other type of record, containing personal information about the Victim or another witness, which is out of…

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What is a DNA Order?

A DNA order, made by a Judge, allows the police to take a sample of bodily substances (e.g. saliva or blood) from an offender. The Criminal Code of Canada governs the taking of bodily substances for law enforcement purposes. The substance is taken for the purpose of creating a DNA profile, which is stored in…

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