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Syed Fahd Ahmed is a lawyer based in Toronto. He is committed to delivering high quality service to his clients. He takes the time to listen to, and understand, each client’s unique legal needs. Fahd takes great pride in prompt, clear, efficient communication, and delivering practical solutions to his clients’ legal problems. Read his bio to learn more about him.

Fahd’s philosophy is simple. Access to justice leads to stable, and more prosperous, communities. Legal problems can have a debilitating impact on individuals and families. He strives to use his legal skills to help people move forward, and strengthen communities. Learn more about him here.

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Bail Hearings: The Basics

You have probably heard the term “bail” used in movies and television dramas, but you may be unfamiliar with how bail actually works in Canada. This article briefly explains how an adult, accused of a criminal offence, may obtain judicial interim release (also known as bail) from custody. Hopefully, this article sheds some light on…

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Production Orders: The Basics

Law enforcement agencies have a variety of powers in their tool belt to assist in the investigation of crime and the collection of evidence. This article is the first in a series focused on investigative powers. We begin the series with production orders. Production orders are a powerful tool the police can rely on to…

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Secretly recording conversations in the workplace: Is it legal?

Secretly recording conversations in Canada: You, and many other workers experiencing mistreatment, may at some point have wondered whether you can secretly record conversations in the workplace. Given the availability of smartphones and other electronic devices, it has never been easier to do. But is it legal? The answer is yes, but it depends. In…

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Main Areas of Practice

Immigration Law

Fahd can assist individuals and families who require guidance through the complexities of Canadian immigration law, and representation at the IRB and Federal Court.

Criminal/Regulatory Law

If you are facing criminal allegations, Fahd can guide you through the criminal justice process towards a resolution, and defend you in court.

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