Production of Third-Party Records

This article is designed to provide a brief overview of the third-party records application process that occurs in criminal proceedings, particularly those involving sexual offences. What is a Third-Party Record? A third-party record is a document, or some other type of record, containing personal information about the Victim or another witness, which is out ofContinue reading “Production of Third-Party Records”

The Law of Self-Defence in Canada

The law of self-defence is an important part of the criminal law. In 2013, the self-defence provisions in the Criminal Code were amended to simplify the law of self-defence in Canada. This article provides a brief overview of the current self-defence law in Canada. Section 34 Section 34 of the Criminal Code governs self-defence. SectionContinue reading “The Law of Self-Defence in Canada”

Waksdale: Enforceability of Termination Clauses in Ontario

The Waksdale Decision: In 2020, the Court of Appeal for Ontario released its decision for Waksdale v. Swegon North America Inc., 2020 ONCA 391 (Waksdale). In Waksdale, the employee was let go with two-weeks pay in lieu of notice. He filed an action for wrongful dismissal. The employee conceded that the employment agreement’s Without CauseContinue reading “Waksdale: Enforceability of Termination Clauses in Ontario”